Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chicken for Vera

Lemon chicken- can be baked but much better if grilled, or you can use the seasonings with a whole chicken to roast.

Take your chicken, breasts, legs, a whole chicken,rinse and dry very well, and rub the pieces (or whole chicken with the skin on)all over with olive oil

Slice a couple of lemons, fairly thin. Leave the peel on.
Chop a very generous handful of fresh oregano or marjoram- at least 1/4 cup
Chop very fine 4 or 5 cloves of garlic
Crack a couple tablespoons of black pepper
Kosher salt

For pieces: lay them on a pan, sprinkle generously with the oregano, garlic, salt and pepper. Then lay 1 or 2 slices of lemon on each piece, and leave it there for, oh...30 minutes or so, perhaps while you get the grill lit and hot. When the grill's hot, lay the chicken lemon side UP, grill for 8 minutes and turn, being careful not to let the lemon fall into the fire (they will be tasty), 8 minutes more. If you have a grill basket, this is a good way to keep from losing the lemons into the fire.
Alternately, you can broil, putting the rack low in the oven, turning after 8 minutes.

For whole:
Slip your fingers under the skin over the breasts, legs, and thighs, to loosen it but be careful not to rip it.
Mix the seasonings together, and stuff small amounts of it under the skin, rubbing it around so it's distributed evenly.
Slip lemon slices under the skin- figure on 1 for each thigh and leg, 2 for each breast. Any left over stuff up inside the body cavity. You can do this with leftover herb mix as well. Roast at 450 degrees for 18-20 minutes per pound of chicken. Let sit for 15 minutes before cutting up.


Trish said...

Sounds delish!

Love the new header too LOL

Vera said...

mmm. I'm going to leave work early to go grocery shopping.

Elizabeth said...

I like to use fresh tarragon with lemon for my chicken.

I also tried spreading a mix of garlic and herb goat cheese under the skin of chicken breasts along with a basil leaf and it was lovely when baked.

I'm always trying new recipes using fresh herbs. I love my pots of fresh herbs.

Rootietoot said...

Elizabeth my husband is very fond of tarragon as well, Lemon thyme works well with it for chicken or pork

Elizabeth said...

You do know rootie that if I ever make it south again I'm tracking you down and coming for dinner.


I like the way you cook and your restaurant choices as well.

Rootietoot said...

you come on, I'll make a pitcher of sweet tea and a pie.

Amber said...

Can I come over to your house and sit around on my ass while you cook for me?