Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Toot Household Felines

Molly isn't our only cat, she's just the only one #4 can play with, because for some inexplicable reason, he's not allergic to her like she is to our other 2 cats, Junior and Morgan.

Junior, aka BubbaKitty or "You sorry-assed cat do something to earn your keep!"
He is a laid-back nip-head (or pot-head, if the nip happens to be potted)with an inperterbable countenance and no tail. Yes, he has no tail. We have concluded that a cat's sense of ambition is centered in their tail, because Junior has none.

Junior, in an uncharacteristically noble pose
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Morgan is technically #1's cat, but since he has moved into town and Morgan is unfamiliar with traffic situations, and used to being outside most of the time, we kept her. She is different from Junior, being graceful and elegant, and imperious.
Her perch is atop a post on our patio, where she is out of reach of the dogs and can look down on her fiefdom with haughty disdain.
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I'd always wanted a siamese cat. They're pretty and talkative and (theoretically) trainable. Junior's not trained, since he lacks the ambition to move more than 2 or 3 yards before flopping over and rolling in the dirt. He's like a 2 yr old that way. Because he's tailess, we got him at a significant discount. He's worth every penny too. He watches the birds to make sure they fly, he holds down the driveway to keep it from just folding up and rolling away. He informs us when the food bowl is empty, or when the food that is in the bowl is of inferior quality and needs replacing with lox and cream cheese. He fertilizes my flower bed with vigourous frequency,which makes weeding an adventure. He adores catnip. I always keep him a big nip plant available for him to roll on, nibble (or gnaw), or just be near for comfort and security. When he has been partaking of the nip, he gets goofy, all floppy and compliant.

Morgan is dignified. She has no patience for Junior and his redneck mannerisms. She, however, is also fond of the nip, and has been known to stand on her head in it. Not that anyone was watching, of course. She will occasionally sneak into the house and seek out the one spot where she is least welcome, and hide there for the entire day. This would be #4's bedroom, and she perches on his pillow, looking smug. Then I have to wash every single thing in his room. I oughta make her do it except she lacks opposable thumbs and would have trouble with the door of the washing machine.

Good cats, both of them. Each entertaining and worthy in their own special way.


SuperBee said...

Awww. What a great post.

Joey said...

I love cats. . . .

what a great entry, I feel like I know your cats. . .